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Mobile App Benefits For Schools


If you are a school administrator or professor, you might be thinking of better ways to communicate with your students. You might even be considering of better promotion methods for your school. Issues regarding school materials might be worrying you.

If any of these apply to you, you should look into getting a mobile app made for your school. Not only will a mobile app help bring your institution into the Mobile Age, it can also solve a lot of the problems your school is facing.

Cheaper Than Text Books

Using fully digitized instruction materials can help your students and school save money. Tangible books cost a lot of a money. They also cost lots of trees their lives. Going fully digital using downloadable ebooks means less heavy books to download and smaller locker space. Upgrading ebooks is much easier with mobile apps.

In fact, the student only needs to do a few taps to update their materials. No need to sell old books or spend a lot of money buying ebook upgrades If these benefits aren’t awesome enough for you, ebooks also come with rich media capabilities. In addition to text and pictures, the books can have embedded videos and sound files. Plus, ebooks also have some interactive features.

Easier To Reach Students

If you have a special announcement regarding your school or curriculum, you don’t have to send letters or use other expensive means. Your school only needs to send an alert via the mobile app and your student body will be fully aware of the announcement. In fact, your students don’t even need to have the app open for them to receive your special notices. The app sends the notice to the main screen of your student’s mobile devices so they can open the app.

Turn Your Students Into Your School’s Promoters

Since the app is hooked into Twitter and Facebook, your app can turn your students into promoters. How? Whenever your students come across instructional material in your app they like, they can share the materials on Facebook and Twitter. The share will have your app’s download link. The more your student’s share, the higher the chance their friends and relatives might download and install your app.

Once they do this, you are branding a potential new pool of students. Since Facebook and Twitter allow for exponential sharing among different spheres of influence, the more people share your app link, the wider the area of people you can market to.

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