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Is A Stafford Loan A Federal Loan?

Yes a Stafford Loan is a Federal Loan. Stafford Student Loans are the federal Loans made to colleges and to university students to supplement family and personal resources, grants and study-work. They might be subsidized by U.S Government or may be unsubsidized depending on the student’s financial need. Thus a Stafford is a Federal Loan backed by the federal government.

Eligibility for Stafford Loan

The borrower must have submitted a FAFSA in order to be eligible for a Stafford Loan. He/she must be a U.S. citizen or national or a U.S. permanent citizen or eligible non-citizen. For any subsidized Stafford Loans you should have financial need as determined by school. In exception to these you must have accepted enrollment in a school that participates in the Federal Family Education Loan Program and not default in any other education loans with good credit rating.

How to apply for a Stafford Loan?

To apply for a Stafford Loan you must first complete the FAFSA. After your FAFSA is processed your school/university will then review the results and then inform you of your loan eligibility by sending the borrower an award letter. Once the award letter is received you should then apply for the Stafford Loan as well as look at other types of student loans. Thus the answer is clear that a Stafford Loan is a Federal Loan.

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