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Education is an important aspect and tool for anyone who wishes to achieve great heights in life. But there are many students who are not lucky enough to complete their higher studies because of financial problems or they were destined for something else. Nowadays various types of student loans are offered which include federal and private loans. Students often go for private loans like Astrive student loans when federal student loan does not cover all the educational expenses.

Astrive Student Loans are private student loans that the students may need as other loans like some federal student loans which do not give all the other financial aid needed for educational expenses. If anyone needs supplementary money to pay for college/university education Astrive student loans is what he/she will need to get the extra financing. Thus Astrive Loans was set up to help the students/borrowers help to cover the schooling/ university expenses which are not paid by the standard federal government funded financial aid package.


There are many ways by which you can acquire an Astrive Student Loan for yourself. If you have a good credit history which has matured at least for 26 months, you can apply yourself for an Astrive Loan. But as it difficult for young students to meet so it is a better idea for majority of people to apply for an Astrive Student Loan with a co signer who might be a family member or a good friend. However the cosigner also has to have a good credit history and has to meet certain financial criteria to be eligible.     You will also need proof of enrollment, proof of income, citizenship status, credit history etc.

In addition to these you must know the college/university you will be attending before applying for an Astrive Student Loan as the Loan process for various schools/colleges differ in Astrive Student Loans. Then they will verify that the person is going to attend that school/college and then set up the process of transfer of fund from Astrive to the college.


Astrive Student Loans work in a similar manner as federal student loans work. There is still the same six months grace period associated with it with a similar process of application. But they are not restricted by the same limitations in which the federal student loans are limited. Federal student Loans allow a certain amount of money per student but the Astrive Student Loans is more flexible for the amount one can apply. As these are flexible it allows a student enrolled in famous/reputed educational institutions to get a higher limit depending on credit rating and history. Students who are going to be enrolled in undergraduate programs can borrow a minimum of 3,000 dollars to 45,000 dollars per academic year. The maximum limit allowed is 75,000 dollars.

The Astrive Student Loan comes with three types of loan repayment options. For the first option you have to pay back the full amount after the completion of graduation and for this you have to attend school for a half term. The second option allows you to pay only for the interest amount during school/college which also needs half term attendance. The third option is that you can opt to repay the lower amount of interest for the loan. The interest of these loans is subject to changes as stated. But this loan does not include any penalty charges for pre payment of loan.


A person can get benefit from taking this type of loan n several ways. First of all the application process is easy to start with to get this loan. Then this loan covers all other educational expenses which your other financial aid do not provide which makes up for the alternative aid which you might require and helps to concentrate on studies only. It also includes policies for deferred repayments and a deduction in loan repayment options and some other facilities.


Thus Astrive student loans are very useful as alternative financial aid option. However they can be rejected or refused for any reason they like. The reasons can range in economy downturns, credit rating to the possibility that you can default for the loan which they might think for whatsoever reason. But whatsoever the Astrive Loan is a useful alternative to other educational aids.

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